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Meet Murray, Country’s New Head of Sales

  • 2 min read

Here at Country Cannabis everyone is abuzz about the new "sheriff" in town. Ok, she's not actually a sheriff, but Murray Koch is our new Head of Sales and we're excited for you to get to know her.

When we were searching for someone to lead the charge in California, obviously we looked for a sharp sales expert with a proven track record. With years of experience at strong brands like KIVA and Papa & Barkley, Murray has those career accomplishments in spades. But within our Country family, what's just as important as an impressive resume is a match in ideals. And Murray fits into our Country Values as snugly as a puzzle piece. Building great industry relationships and working closely with customers at all levels is just the beginning. She loves working with clients and suppliers and shares their ideals and values - including our deep respect for local farmers as well as the cannabis community as a whole.


We recently traveled to Murray's home in Humboldt County - home of the magnificent Redwood trees and one of the most respected cannabis regions - to get to know her better. We were greeted outside by her gorgeous horse Lagunitas (affectionately known as Leo).Murray is the third generation of horseback riders in her family and says that horses have always been the love of her life. "But cannabis is a close second," she adds with a smile.


What draws Murray to cannabis is the powerful medical and therapeutic properties of the plant which give it a unique ability to heal so many ailments. She believes that going forward more scientific studies and education will be imperative in shaping the industry and paving the way for higher quality cannabis products which celebrate the synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds found in the plant. "Cannabis has been instrumental to many family members and friends struggling with painful physical and mental ailments," Murray says. "Those first-hand experiences helped build my passion. Being able to help others facilitate healing has been one of the huge joys in my life."


That desire to revolutionize the cannabis space is what makes Murray such a great fit for Country's mission to bring a variety of quality products to a wider audience of people. When she first learned about Country she was excited by our light cannabis blends ("productive weed" as we like to call it)."There are many people who could benefit from cannabis, but are intimidated or scared by high-potency options," Murray says. "Additionally, we are at a place in the industry where it's really hard to know what you are getting. I want to be a part of something people can trust and enjoy."



When she's not riding horses or cultivating relationships in the cannabis space, you can sometimes catch this self-proclaimed craft beer connoisseur at HenHouse Brewing Company or grabbing a plate of her "favorite food ever," french fries. If Murray sounds like the kind of pal who's a blast to be around, it's because she is. We are thrilled to have found someone with all the "right stuff" for our team. Please join us in welcoming the incomparable Murray Koch to the Country Cannabis team.